‘He Broke My Family!’ Farrah Abraham’s Mom Slams Her Boyfriend Simon In Vicious Fight

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‘He Broke My Family!’ Farrah Abraham’s Mom Slams Her Boyfriend Simon In Vicious Fight

Post by Admin » 28 Jun 2017, 03:20

Farrah Abraham blamed her mother’s fiancé for causing issues with their family, but Debra Danielsen is fighting back by claiming her daughter’s boyfriend is the one who broke the family apart! In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Danielsen slams Simon Saran for his role in their estrangement.

Earlier this week, Saran claimed Danielsen contacted a lawyer to take custody of Abraham’s daughter Sophia from her. Danielsen denied the claim to Radar, saying that he “makes stuff up.”

“It’s always about Simon wanting to earn more money and use my money and my family to appear on the show,” she claimed to Radar. “He could go away, nobody would miss him!”

She continued that Saran starting drama is what forced her daughter to excommunicate her.

“Simon broke up a family,” she said. “Farrah has blocked me. She doesn’t talk to me and it’s been a while now. I’ve only tried to help her. They’re my world. I’ve done everything for them.”

But on last night’s episode, Abraham fought with her mother’s fiancé David because he didn’t make an effort to bond with Abraham.

“It’s kind of sad you’re marrying someone who f*****g hates me,” she told her mom. “I invited you guys to Key West and he has his back towards me. That’s what you bring into your life. You’re not choosing to have a good family.”

During dinner, David explained he doesn’t have a relationship with her because she doesn’t respect her mother.

“If you can’t respect your mother it’s hard for me to have a conversation with you,” he told her. “She doesn’t need family therapy. You need therapy!”

Abraham fired back, “I’m in therapy and you know why I’m in therapy? Because my family f****d me up.”

When Abraham told him he sucks at being a doctor, he gave her the middle finger and yelled, “f**k you.”

Debra told Radar of the fight, “David loves Farrah, but he also respects me. It hurts him to have Farrah come back at me and show disrespect. All he was trying to say is show your parents respect.”

via Radar Online
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